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Gregory John-24 Sacred Hymns
release date 3/20/2016

If you enjoyed "A Classical Guitar Christmas: vol 1,2&3", Be sure to pick up your copy of this album of 24 Traditional Hymns set for a Classical Guitar Quartet. A great way to revisit the music behind the lyrics of these early works. Although it is instrumental, you can sing along in your mind and experience the beauty in the melodic workings of this early music.

A Classical Guitar Christmas vol.1,2 & 3

Its that Time of Year!!! Reissue of my Classical Christmas Guitar works are now available via iTunes and or purchase from my site. Please e-mail for more info. Get it in time for the Holidays. Great listening as you remember the Reason for the Season.

!!!!!Contemporary Christian Album-FINALLY!!!!

Contemporary Christian CD to be Released entitled " Here is the Door" Tracks are being finished up and sent out to players to jam over to knock out one or two full days of recording. Many gigs have caused this delay. Its always nice to know gigs are lining up, especially in this economy. Toys from Native Instruments, Line 6, VOX, SVK Guitars, New 62' Reissue Custom Shop Fender and Iphone APPS helped explore new ideas and sounds. Thanks for all your prayers. This project is almost finished!!! My hope is you are ministered to as much as i was producing it.

www.learnmusicu.com :On-Line Lesson Registration

WELCOME TO LEARN MUSIC UNIVERSITY www.learnmusicu.com. This site is under construction and will be up and running soon. You will be able to sign up for online lessons for any musical instrument or voice. You will find many lesson, videos, PDF print ups, worksheets and other resources to feed the inner musician. I will be heading the Guitar Department portion of the Online Music School. You will be able to subscribe and receive personalized lessons as well. If interested please forward your info to contact@learnmusicu.com Be sure to read what others are saying about LMU through Twitter and Facebook. See you Online

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